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The products below are all products we are familiar with. If you purchase these products you can paint your items at home and bring them to CozyMelts to be fired. Our charge depends on size but an average mug would be $3 to give you an idea. If you would like to contact us for a more exact firing price, we would be happy to help you. These products are not CozyMelts products. We do not ship them or handle them in any way. You could use these products on bisque you purchase from our shop to paint at home. Or if you would rather just come to our studio pay $7 per painter to use our supplies!

These products do not work on plaster. Only cone 04 bisque. They have to be fired.



The silkscreens pictured below are great to use with glazes! Just thicken your glaze with Mayco’s Silkscreen medium and apply flawless designs with little effort. The powder listed below lasts a long time and at a great price!

The Cricut is a machine I feel any devoted crafter can utilize. It may seem unrelated to pottery but I use mine to make stencils and stickers to use with painting pottery.


I bought this camera in order to capture my process of creating but it has so many uses! I love this bundle deal which is all the stuff I bought when I got mine but at an even lower price.

This plate was made using these glazes. Just imagine the possibilities!

Spider Web Plate

Check out one of my latest projects! Posted with still 2 minutes remaining on Halloween!! LOL!

Posted by CozyMelts Paint Your Own Pottery on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Toddlers can paint pottery too!

Toddlers can paint pottery too!! Bring yours to CozyMelts inside the Fairfield Commons mall and let them get their artsy on!

Posted by CozyMelts Paint Your Own Pottery on Tuesday, April 17, 2018


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